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I’m so excited to share my first ever article with you guys!  When I received an email from Ere Perez to write an article for their newsletter I nearly fell off my chair. One of my favourite brands asking me to feature in their newsletter!! This has made my year you guys. As Ere Perez are a beauty brand I thought I’d write my article about eating for beauty as well as adding a delicious smoothie bowl recipe that concentrates on skin rejuvenation, plumping, repairing and feeding your skin, your very own Inner Glow Beauty Bowl!

So if you missed it here is my Ere Perez Article – Inner glow beauty



I hope you enjoyed my first ever article and learnt a thing or two! Always remember You Are What You Eat! It’s that simple. Here is the link for my Inner Glow Beauty Bowl Article on the Ere Perez website, I’d definitely recommend having a read of the full newsletter, there are so many great tips! Also if you haven’t already, make sure to check out Ere Perez’s amazing vegan, cruelty free, organic, natural make up line. I’ve in love with so many of their beautiful products. #obsessed. Here are some of my favorites;

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Pure Rice Powder Blush in colour My Blush

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Creative Chamomile Eye Duo in colour I Love Vintage 

Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Almond Oil Eyebrow Pencil



And for my Latina’s and Latinos out there the Ere Perez Article-Inner Glow Beauty has also been written in Spanish!  Para El Brillo Interior

Sigue aquí el blog en español.




Check out my smoothie version! My  Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie is great if you haven’t got time to sit and have a smoothie bowl. Instead you can blend this and go!



Lastly I just want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for your love, open mindedness and support. With out any of you my dreams wouldn’t be coming true and I’m truly truly grateful for that. I will continue to serve my purpose here to share, inspire, motivate and help you all on your journeys while strengthening this community.




With all my love

Alessandra x


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