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By Alessandra Rosa | 27 October 2022 |

Who knew Amazon had sustainable treasures… hiding in amongst all of the thousands of products they hold. Saying that it’s still a very small amount compared to what can be on the platform. Remember we vote with our money and the more we choose to purchase ethical, organic, recycled and sustainable pieces the more these…

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By Alessandra Rosa | 3 September 2022

AS THE HEAT FADES… and the leaves start to let go of their branches, I am eagerly curating my Autumn wardrobe, my cosy home as I reminisce the summer just gone. At this time of year I like to really invest in quality, high end pieces that last the test of time, enduring the harsher weather and…

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Mother’s Day A Sustainable Gift Guide

By Alessandra Rosa | 10 March 2022

Mothers Day A moment we get to celebrate the incredible women who raised us! In my household we have so much to celebrate after the accident my mother had mid 2021 that changed her life for the better! Watching my Mother deal with everything that happened as a consequence to the fall was truly inspirational.…

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