2021-12-30 16:41:28

Vitamin D


That time of the year has officially come around! So here is your official reminder to get Vitamin D supplements and foods stocked! The days are getting shorter and sunlight becoming a rarity, not forgetting the problems we are having here in the UK getting stock into stores. Being organised with this supplement is a must this year and I'm sharing the ways you can get your dose over next season in the most natural, real and ethical way. A lot of supplements are filled with sugars, fillers and chemicals that are just not needed and must be avoided in order for us to life in harmony with our bodies

Did you know? Vitmain D is actually a hormone and is really important for the absorption of calcium to make sure that we have strong healthy bones. It protects our heart and pancreatic health, cell formation, reproductive health, supports the immune system and fend off many diseases. It’s also important for us dealing with stress and with hormonal balance. It can even help prevent the spread and reproduction of cancer cells. Unfortunately so many of us are deficient in this important nutrient



Hands down the best, most natural way to get vitamin D is from the sun. I know over the colder months its harder to do so, with it being cold outside the easiest thing is to snuggle up in your warm home. Getting outside for just 15 minutes when the sun is shining will give your body everything it needs. Expose your skin, whether its your forearms, legs or just your bare beautiful face, no sun block, sunglasses so you can avoid those crows feet, even going for a walk and letting the sunlight caress you. I have found it to be such lovely practise to use it as my time out from whatever I'm doing in the day. I promise when you walk back inside, you will feel your mood lifted and so reenergised



We have been led to believe that certain foods give us Vitamin D. Foods that says they have been fortified have been fortified with the synthetic version D2 which our bodies don't absorb well. Vitamin D2 is derived from the irradiation of ergosterol, which is a vegetable sterol found in yeasts and ergot. D2 is not fully compatible with our bodies. We should not believe that our nutritional needs are being met for Vitamin D by consuming “fortified” foods. The highest vegetable source of vitamin D available is shiitake mushrooms. You can buy these fresh and a little tip I have is to place the mushrooms in direct sunlight which will increase it's vitamin D content! Just like our skin, the mushrooms skin absorbs vitamin D too! Button mushrooms, morels and chanterelle are also great too. You can literally make your own natural supplement!



There is only one supplements you will need and even if you are getting to sit in the sun regularly it is still a good idea to have this stocked. Vitamin D3 and not the synthetic D2. With any supplementation always get your bloods done to know how much you need. If you are deficient in vitamin D it is safe to take up to 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily with a safe upper limit as high as 10,000 IU  (250 mcg). If you’re not deficient, you need 600 IU of D3 each day until the age of 70, and then you need 800 IU if you are pregnant, lactating, or over the age of 70.