Cheeky Cherry Cooler Recipe

 It’s cherry season and I have been picking and picking away at them for weeks when it came to mind that I have never had a cherry smoothie! So obviously I had to create one. Cherries are one of favourite summer fruits, how could i not! My Cheeky Cherry Cooler is the perfect summer drink. It’s…

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Crunchy Carrot Cake Smoothie Recipe

  Don’t you love sweet treats that aren’t bad for you and don’t set you back, I know I do! Which is why I made a dessert cake inspired smoothie. My delicious Crunchy Carrot Cake Smoothie Recipe will definitely settle that sweet tooth and flood your body full of essential vitamins and important beauty nutrients, guilt…

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Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie Recipe

    The smoothie i’m going to be sharing with you today is my Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie Recipe that contains a perfect blend of skin loving beauty foods which will beautify you from the inside out. With the cold winter in full swing and drying out our skin i thought this would be perfect!   Pineapple…

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