Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies main

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies main

  One of the hardest things since turning plant-based has been to keep my hand out of the cookie jar! Who’s with me on this one? Along with the unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that are in most of them, high refind sugar content is something we all should be staying well clear of. My Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies contain only whole foods and natural sugars that can be put together in a matter of minutes. So go ahead give your cookie jar a make over!



Cashews are not only a delicious nut to snack on but have many health benefits which include heart health and support brain function. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and numerous other beneficial compounds, including plant-based protein; dietary fiber; minerals like copper, zinc. magnesium This is one nut that is filling, good fats and high protein.


Supports Brain Function

As our brains are mostly made up of fats and nuts are a great source to get these fats. I’m not talking about any fat though , I’m talking about good fats which help with cognitive function, healthy aging and mood regulation. Cashew also contain other essentaial nutrients like iron,  copper and zinc that help with several vital brain processes. deficiencies of healthy fatty acids can cause several mental disorders such as ADHD, dementia, dyslexia, depression and anxiety.


Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Cashews have anti- diabetic properties that stimulates glucose transport and control as cashews contain MUFA fats, as well as lower levels of inflammation that can contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes formation. Cashew nutrition benefits include the ability to prevent or treat other complications of diabetes including arterial hypertension, obesity and cardiovascular risk.


Heart Health

If we want to avoid and serious heart diseases and the nasty things that come along with it like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity then eating cashews regualry will help you aviod it all. Containing special phytosterol compounds, which play an important structural role in cell membranes where they stabilize cells and interfere with cholesterol absorption, cashews can prevent plaque forming on the artery walls.


Let’s do tis….

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies Ingre



  • 1 cup Raw Cashews
  • 1/4 cup Cocoa butter
  • 1/4 Date Syrup
  • 2 tbs Goji berries
  • 3 tbs Pumpkin




Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies cashew flour

  1. Place the cashews in a food processor and process until it turns into a sort of flour.

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies step 2

2. Add in the coconut cream and date syrup.

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies cashew flour 2

3. Once mixture has turned into a dough texture, mix in the goji berries and seeds.

Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies tray

4. Roll a small amount of the mixture in a ball with your hands and then flatten into cookie round shape and place on a tray.

5. Once all the mixture has been rolled up, put the tray in the freezer for around 30 mins.

6. When the cookies are firm you can remove them and plate to serve.


I hope you have enjoyed my Raw Crunchy Cashew Cream Berry Cookies. You can reach for the cookie jar without hesitation now knowing that these cookies are only full of goodness. enjoy REAL food. If you have any recipe suggestions please comment below, I’d love to know what you guys want me to share.

Until next time…


Alessandra x