2021-10-18 15:57:57


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How is it already count down to Christmas! The past few months have been a bit of a whirl wind, trying to get back to the swing of how we used to live life before lockdown, only now to live it in even more purposeful way. I feel like I've blinked and the year is nearly through. I plan to enjoy the next few months before 2021 is over, my mental wellbeing needs it! Getting put together and feeling myself (after a year and bit of loungewear living) is just what I need. I have several exciting events coming up, celebrations and of course Christmas. The heels are back and this post proves it! These black strappy's are the most comfortable pair of heels if ever owned and the perfect option to ease my feet in. By a brand I've recently come to know, which are very affordable, easy and accessible to purchase (which is still a bit of a struggle) with many ethical brands.

Are you back into the swing of things? Have you worn heels yet? How are you feeling coming back after lockdown?